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Laugh if you like but what I want to do is create an image file with php that uses up the most disk space for the image but the simple way just does not work. What does seem to work to make the disk requirement go up is importing high quality images into the new image canvas space, but I want to be able to do something simpler on the fly.

This is what I tried.


This creates a large image of a size of less than 200 KB. I want to create one of the same size where it takes up over 400 KB. The reason is because I'm making a large set of sprites and combining them all into one image file. I have done a set with a smaller image dimensions and its size is larger because I imported actual images.

Does anyone know if there are PHP functions I can add in between imageline and imagejpeg that could make the filesize of the image file go up?

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Randomly set the color of every single pixel and the end file size will be larger –  WizKid Jun 2 at 4:04

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