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I took some long/lat values from openstreetmap, for example I took a building. On openstreetmap the corners are nice square corners. When I take the long/lat values and draw them on my canvas they are not. I am using JFrame if that matters. I took Mercator projection I found on the net. Anyone an idea what might be wrong?

    private double minLat = 49.7194505, minLon = 7.2836673, maxLat = 49.7199707, maxLon = 7.2846758;

/* Points of building
lon="7.2839266" lat="49.7198872"
lon="7.2844648" lat="49.7196165"
lon="7.2843206" lat="49.7194966"
lon="7.2837824" lat="49.7197673"
lon="7.2839266" lat="49.7198872"

Each of the points I convert to x/y coordinates of my canvas to draw:

  int x = (int) ((lon - minLon) * (canvasWidth / (maxLon - minLon)));

  double mercY = (Math.log(Math.tan(Math.PI/4+Math.toRadians(lat)/2)));
  double mercYmin = (Math.log(Math.tan(Math.PI/4+Math.toRadians(minLat)/2)));
  double mercYmax = (Math.log(Math.tan(Math.PI/4+Math.toRadians(maxLat)/2)));
  int y = (int) (canvasHeight * (mercYmax - mercY) / (mercYmax - mercYmin));
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Do those answers help? –  Ilja Zverev Jun 2 at 14:34

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