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I have a query which I have stripped down to a few simple regexes

  REGEXP_MATCH(CustomTargeting,r'ab=(\d+)') as has_cpt,
  REGEXP_EXTRACT(CustomTargeting,r'ab=(\d+);?') as RawValueA,
  regexp_extract(CustomTargeting,r'aj=(\d+);?') as RawValueB,  
  regexp_extract(CustomTargeting,r'mn=(\d+);?') as RawValueC
FROM [CPT_7414.OneGigPlusTable] imps
JOIN [Reference.adunit2site] as1 on as1.id = imps.adunitid
WHERE as1.site = 'A SITE NAME'
limit 1000;

The query runs when the result set is small enough (eg LIMIT 1000). But when writing to a BQ table (regardless of a LIMIT or not), I am getting this error

Error: Unexpected. Please try again.
Job ID: gdfp-7414:job_d0upqtkob2fCDzBVrPrEhPSz4vo

Could you please take a look?


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For some strange reason, renaming the first column from has_cpt to anything else HasCPT, foo_bar allowed the query to work and save to the table. –  neversleepz Jun 3 at 0:34

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