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I'm using android, cordova 3.4.1+ and latest inAppBrowser plugin. I need the toolbar with Done button and without history buttons and url location

So with this follwing line I've successfully removed the url position. But the history buttons are still showing.'','_blank','location=no,toolbar=yes,EnableViewPortScale=yes');

Oh! And I also needed some tweaking in the .java file to make the toolbar visible while location=no

But I can't find anyway to hide the history buttons. Can anyone please tell me how to hide the history buttons? Is it possible to do that by tweaking plugin's .java file? If not possible, is it possible to control the behaviour of the buttons from javascript? For example I want to set 'where to go next' for those history buttons........

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you can handle through overriding buttons with listener.. check loadstart eventlistener and get event.url which gives your current location url, compare that and give appropriate action which u want to provide through which u can handle history. if you want to stop loading page on back then give actions once comparing url is true.

var ref ='', '_blank', 'location=yes');

// handling event listener

ref.addEventListener("exit", function () {
    //logic here

     ref.addEventListener('loadstart', iabLoadStart);
     ref.addEventListener('loadstop', iabLoadStop);
     ref.removeEventListener('loaderror', iabLoadError);

function iabLoadStart(event) {
        alert(event.type + ' - ' + event.url);
           //your logic

function iabLoadStop(event) {
    alert(event.type + ' - ' + event.url);

function iabLoadError(event) {
    alert(event.type + ' - ' + event.message);
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This is not the thing I wanted. Only loading events won't work for me. I need to override the history buttons work. That means I should be able to control the next or back button click from inside the inAppBrowser view. – AtanuCSE Jun 5 '14 at 5:22
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I didn't found any way to control those history buttons behaviour yet.Like pressing forward will take to a new pre-defined address. I don't think that exists now. To hide those buttons , Go to


Find these lines

// Add the back and forward buttons to our action button container layout

Comment them out.

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