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One of my requirements is to implement the clickTag functionality to existing swf's.

So referring to this site,I successfully implemented the clickTag functionality by modifying the .fla file.

Now, when i've added all the code inside the .fla, ie - binding the click event and validating the parameters of the flashVars, the requirement is to have just a single call from the fla and the rest of the code in the JS file.

I did that too and everything is fine, but the requirement is now to bind the event from outside the fla file.

Is there any way i can do this? If I bind the event on the container where the swf is embedded, that'll cause the following issues:

1) It will occupy 100% width [as in my case the container is a DIV]
2) If we bind the event on the parent, and if at all the swf is an interactive one, where there is a click binded on the swf itself, the click on swf will be overridden.
3) If the event is binded on the parent, how will the flashVars be passed? They will then have to be kept static.

Is there any other way of attaching the click event without hampering the actual fla file ?

Any help would be appreciated.

FLA file

Simply called the getParams function using externalInterface and passed the pararmeters in to the function.

JS file:

    function getParams(parameter){
        var click_url = '';         // Stores the click through URL
        var tagInstances = 0;       // To count the instances
        var instancesFound = '';    // Store which all instances are found in the url.

    /* Checks if multiple instances of clickTag are found */
            final_click_url = parameter.clickTAG;
            instancesFound += 'clickTAG,';
            final_click_url = parameter.ClickTAG;
            instancesFound += 'ClickTAG,';
            final_click_url = parameter.clickTag;
            instancesFound += 'clickTag,';
            final_click_url = parameter.ClickTag;
            instancesFound += 'ClickTag,';

    /* Raise an error if more than 1 instance is found or else  */
        if(tagInstances > 1){
            instancesFound = instancesFound.substring(0,instancesFound.length-1);   // remove last instance of comma
            alert(tagInstances + ' instances of clickTag found.' + instancesFound  + '. Please pass only 1 instance.');
        else if(tagInstances < 1){
            alert('No instance of clickTag found.');
        else if(tagInstances == 1){
            alert('Working fine : Only 1 instance of ClickTag found. Redirecting now...');

Vars passed from HTML file:

    <embed src="abc.swf" 
        align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="550" height="400" 
        type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer" name="flashvars"  />
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