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I started the application in nodejs using exec option in forever through script but in the same fashion I want stop the running script via script, is there any script to stop it. Typically I checked in the npm repository they have suggested to pass the index for stop function. I tried but no use . could anyone suggest me some other option. Find the screen shot.

forever list info: Forever processes running data: uid command script
forever pid logfile uptime
data: [0] kJSp /usr/local/bin/node /home/administrator/WebstormProjects/projects/1401446029619/app.js -uid 1401689107737 4031 4037 /home/administrator/.forever/kJSp.log 0:0:28:36.499 data: [1] n0Oi /usr/local/bin/node /home/administrator/WebstormProjects/projects/1401446029619/app.js -uid 1401689228159 4122 4128 /home/administrator/.forever/n0Oi.log 0:0:26:36.179

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