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I have a main Viewport3D with mCamera, that is controlled by TrackballDecorator. What I want is to create another Viewport3D with just a cube in it to represent current camera direction on the main viewport.

This code:

Matrix3D TransformationMatrix = mCamera.Transform.Value;
// ?
OrientationCamera.Transform = new MatrixTransform3D(TransformationMatrix);

works well, besides the fact that I don't want the OrientationCamera to apply the zoom as the main one (I want it just to rotate).

I can see that only values M11, M22, M33 of the matrix are changing when operating on zoom with the main camera, but they also change when I'm rotating it, and any change I try to apply to those resulted my preview cube to transform in an unexpected way.

Does anyone have any idea how to discard the ScaleTransform from the transformation matrix? Or maybe there is another way to do it?

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The first three rows (or columns) in a pure rotation matrix are unit vectors. If you apply a scale, these vectors aren't of unit-length any more. You can apply an inverse scale to get rid of the scale. Assuming that the scale is equal in all three directions:

var m11 = TransformationMatrix.M11;
var m12 = TransformationMatrix.M12;
var m13 = TransformationMatrix.M13;
var length = Math.Sqrt(m11 * m11 + m12 * m12 + m13 * m13);
var factor = 1 / length;
TransformationMatrix.Scale(new Vector3D(factor, factor, factor));
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Worked like a charm, thank you! :) –  Lemurr Jun 2 '14 at 7:41

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