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In some of my tests I am having a problem that they fail on Travis because of time and time zone problems, so I want to mock system time for my test. How can I do this?

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What time function do you want to mock? If it's the Python datetime, it's a little tricky as explained here –  Sébastien Deprez Jun 2 at 8:00
I want to do this for all modules. I think the freezegun example works in the link you gave. Thanks! –  adarsh Jun 2 at 8:11

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AFAIK, you can't mock builtin methods.

One approach I have often done is to change my code a bit to not use datetime directly to obtain the date, but a wrapper function somewhere:

# mymodule.py

def get_today():
   return datetime.date.today()

This makes it trivial to just mock it in your test:

def test_something():
    with mock.patch('mymodule.get_today', return_value=datetime.date(2014, 6, 2)):
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There are two ways you can accomplish that:

  1. Create function which you will call instead of datetime.datetime.now() as suggested by Bruno, but here is different implementation:

    import os
    import datetime
    def mytoday():
     if 'MYDATE' in os.environ:
         return datetime.datetime.strptime(os.getenv('MYDATE'), '%m-%d-%Y').date()
         return datetime.date.today()

    Then, in your test, you just monkeypatch environment variable:

    import datetime
    def test_patched_date(monkeypatch):
        monkeytest.setenv('MYDATE', '05-31-2014')
        assert datetime.date.today() == datetime.date(2014, 5, 31)
  2. Monkeypatch the datetime function:

    import datetime
    import pytest
    FAKE_TIME = datetime.datetime(2020, 12, 25, 17, 05, 55)
    def patch_datetime_now(monkeypatch):
    class mydatetime:
        def now(cls):
            return FAKE_TIME
    monkeypatch.setattr(datetime, 'datetime', mydatetime)
    def test_patch_datetime(patch_datetime_now):
        assert datetime.datetime.now() == FAKE_TIME
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