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I'm using Nitrogen & lightbox. I'm looking for some guidance after spending way too long trying to understand why a working example breaks as soon as I change the targetID of a lightbox. The fragment below works if I use "name_dialog" or "share_dialog", but not if I use "compose_dialog". I've looked through the source and style sheets, but have not found where those two are defined any differently than what I'm trying to do.

In my .hrl:

-record (compose_dialog, { ?ELEMENT_BASE(compose_dialog_element) }).

In my element module:

reflect() -> record_info(fields, compose_dialog).
render_element(_HtmlID, _Record) ->
    #lightbox { id=compose_lightbox, style="display: none;", body = [

show() ->
    wf:wire(compose_lightbox, #show {}).
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I neglected to post the error message... {error,error,badarg, [{io_lib,format,["~nNitrogen.$scope('~s'); ",[[compose_lightbox]]]}, {wf_utils,f,2}, {wf_render_actions,render_action,1}, {wf_render_actions,render_actions,2}, {lists,foldl,3}, {wf_render_actions,render_actions,2}, {wf_render_actions,call_action_render,2}, {wf_render_actions,render_action,1}]} –  dewd Mar 8 '10 at 3:07

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ok -- for anyone running into the same NOOB error...

What I neglected to do was add my new element on the body in webview. As a result, I had an undefined object with no ID. Adding it there (and making sure not to create duplicates) fixed this error.

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