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I m working with ADF Pivot Table and want to highlight row with different color on the bases of cell data.

Below given is my code

public CellFormat getDataFormat(DataCellContext dataCellContext) {
    CellFormat cellFormat = new CellFormat(null, null, null);
    String color = null;
    double cellDoubleVal = 0.0;
    String cellStrVal = (String)dataCellContext.getValue().toString();
        cellDoubleVal = Double.parseDouble(cellStrVal);
    }catch(Exception ex){}
    QDR qdr = dataCellContext.getQDR();
    Object regNbr = qdr.getDimMember("RegNbr");
    if(cellDoubleVal != 0.0 && regNbr != null){
        if(cellDoubleVal == 2){

    return cellFormat;

Now the problem is this. I have successfully change the cell background color of the base of cell data.. But how i can get the cell parent row reference for update this color

Thanks in advance

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