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I'm interested in creating a plugin that does this simple task: Steps 1. User selects some text by highlighting 2. user clicks the plug-in 3. CKEDITOR, wraps the selected text with a tag with some class and/or ID.

Can anyone help with this? I've been playing with CKEDITOR.htmlWriter but haven't even been able to get that started: http://docs.cksource.com/ckeditor_api/symbols/CKEDITOR.htmlWriter.html#constructor


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Look at the basicstyles plugin, you just need to define a button that applies a "style", and you define what's the element, attributes and styles that this "style" means.

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There is nothing helpful here? –  AnApprentice Mar 9 '10 at 5:10
I understand, you don't want someone to help you, but someone to write the code for you. Well, I have other things to do. –  AlfonsoML Mar 9 '10 at 7:43

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