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Is it possible to use sizzle as selector engine for angular $element?

Our motivation is that Angular jQuery Lite does everything we need except the dom queries for IE 8+.
An example might be:


Or should we rather use a custom jQuery build?

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Why not just include jQuery? –  dfsq Jun 2 at 9:20
We won't use jQuery ajax, animation and so on –  jantimon Jun 2 at 11:48
Makes sense. Well in this case you can easily use Sizzle for this. It provides all necessary API, so you can extend angular.element. –  dfsq Jun 2 at 12:11

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AngularJS .element() implementation returns a jQLite object (or jQuery object) depending on what is available, but it doesn't support jQuery's Sizzle implementation.

In other words, angular.element() is for creating elements rather than finding elements.

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Well I could find github.com/herschel666/angular-sizzle however it does not work for .find .next and so on –  jantimon Jun 2 at 18:27
As you can see here: github.com/herschel666/angular-sizzle/blob/master/src/… this is just a simple wrapper for the sizzle engine. Sizzle itself has no .find() and .next() method either. –  PascalPrecht Jun 2 at 19:04
Sizzle provides a find function: $(context).find(selector) would be Sizzle(selector, context) –  jantimon Jun 2 at 19:14
Sorry you're right. However, I think your question is answered isn't it? :) –  PascalPrecht Jun 2 at 19:18
Well I was hoping for a better solution than "not possible" so I will keep it open for some more days - hopefully that's fine for you :) –  jantimon Jun 2 at 21:34

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