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I was trying to install the openshift client tools on my windows system . I have already installed ruby and git as the prerequisites for it. I also installed rhc package on my system using gem install rhc. However when i type rhc setup (to connect to OpenShift and sets up your keys and domain) i get the following error.

Unable to connect to the server (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. - connect(2) (https://openshift.redhat.com:443)). Check that you have correctly specified your OpenShift server 'https://openshift.redhat.com/broker/rest/api'

I thought may be it is because i am on a corporate network and tried the following to set the proxy but it gives me invalid option. C:>rhc setup --http-proxy="http://username:password@proxy_ip:port" invalid option: --http-proxy="http://username:password@proxy_ip:port"

Can anyone guide me on this. Any help will be much appreciated.

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I even tried creating http_proxy as an environment variable with value as "username:passwd@proxyip:port"; but now i am getting "Server returned an unexpected error code: 407" as an error code. Somebody please help!! –  gaurav parashar Jun 2 at 11:05

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I have the same exception "407"

I set HTTP_PROXY env variable. I suspect that rhc does not read that env variable... Also I set http_proxy into .gemrc file but the error always occurs.

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