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I want to extract a docx after the user uploads i want to display the contents. But it seems that I don't know how to call it.. because it keeps displaying "FILE NOT FOUND". Its displaying perfectly if I define:

$document = try.docx

So I know it can't call the uploaded file. This is the source code:

include 'configure.php';


$document = $_FILES ['uploaded_file']['tmp_name'];// here was the issue.. tried many way but still failed

function extracttext($filename) 
    $ext = explode('.', $filename);
    $ext=end ($ext);
    if($ext == 'docx')
    $dataFile = "word/document.xml";
    $dataFile = "content.xml";    

    $zip = new ZipArchive;

    if (true === $zip->open($filename)) 

        if (($index = $zip->locateName($dataFile)) !== false) 
            $text = $zip->getFromIndex($index);

            $xml = new DOMDocument;

            return strip_tags($xml->saveXML());

    return "File not found";
echo extracttext($document);
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Not sure you can open temp files like this with ZipArchive. I think you should first move it to a real location on the filesystem, then open it with ZipArchive. –  edi9999 Jun 2 '14 at 11:40

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The $_FILES['uploaded_file']['tmp_name'] does not contain the name of the document, it contains something like '/tmp/asdjashdkjashda' you have to use: $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["name"] in order to extract the extension.

Your code does not work because you are extracting the extension from '/tmp/asdjashdkjashda' and is not 'docx' so you're allways looking for $dataFile = "content.xml";(that only works for odt files).

So, to get the extension use ['name'], to open the zip use ['tmp_name']:

$document_path = $_FILES ['uploaded_file']['tmp_name'];
$document_name=$_FILES ['uploaded_file']['name'];

function extracttext($filename,$filepath){
    $ext = explode('.', $filename);
    if (true === $zip->open($filepath)) 
echo extracttext($document_name,$document_path);
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Or you can move the move the uploaded file to a other folder: move_uploaded_file($document_path,'/path/to/other/folder/'.$document_name) and use your function with the new path –  Pablo Martinez Jun 2 '14 at 12:07
ok..got it...thank u very much dear... :) –  IDA Jun 3 '14 at 1:59

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