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I have recently been getting into using CodeKit, and now version 2 is out, which is what this question regards. There seems to be great potential in using the bower components installer; however, there is little to no documentation on the working relationship between CodeKit and bower components. My code follows as:

// @codekit-prepend "../bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js"
// @codekit-prepend "../bower_components/PhysicsJS/dist/physicsjs-full-0.6.0.js"


  // code straight out of the example online from the bottom of


Then I get 'Physics' is not defined. errors on any reference. This is one example but I seem to always get stuck at this point and I'm wondering: Is there a working way to use prepended libraries through CodeKit's bower components integration?

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Can you update your question to show where you are including the @codekit-prepend line? It's not clear if you're including it in the same file as your call to Physics. Maybe show more details of what you want for the full file to look like? – Chris Peters Jun 2 '14 at 10:51
The @codekit-prepend line is in the same file as the Physics call. Do I need to add source map to my compiling of Javascript? – ArtlyticalMedia Jun 2 '14 at 10:55

It seems as though I forgot something quite simple. It took me hours to figure out that simply adding $(document).ready(function(){ at the beginning and closing those tags at the end fixed the problem. Not sure exactly how that works if the libraries are in the same file but I guess it adds a little delay to the execution of the code, allowing the libraries to be considered for the code that follows.

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