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In mobile Safari, if I have some text inside a textarea and I try to move the cursor, I can't type anymore. After moving it, it blinks as usual, but I just can't type. However, I can use the backspace.

Example: some text and now is the cursor| -> I move the cursor like so: some text |and now is the cursor and then I can't type even if I move it back to the end of the string. I can only delete characters.

Although this shouldn't have anything to do with it (everything else is ok), the textarea exists inside an iframe. I tried with another textarea outside of the iframe and didn't apply any CSS or JS and that one worked fine.

This textarea has some css applied such as box-shadow, border-radius, transition etc.

Tested on iPhone5 and on iPad3 (Safari 7). In Android, this works fine.

Do you have any idea why this might happen?


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