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I want to setup a multitenancy environment for MeteorJS apps using Nginx and Passenger. I'm running Meteor as a bundled Node Application and my NginX site configuration contains multiple varieties of:

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name <<URL>>;
    root <<BUNDLE_DIR>>/public;

    passenger_enabled on;
    passenger_set_cgi_param MONGO_URL <<MONGO URL>>;
    passenger_set_cgi_param ROOT_URL <<ROOT URL>>;

    passenger_set_cgi_param METEOR_SETTINGS '{ "public": { "tenant": "icter" } }';

    passenger_app_type node;
    passenger_startup_file main.js;

    passenger_min_instances 1;


If I do a console.log on the client side of Meteor.settings it is undefined. Any ideas on how I can pass/access the Meteor.settings within my app?

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I've added a console.log(process.env); to the server-side code and it's passed on: App 5622 stdout: NODE_ENV: 'production', App 5622 stdout: PASSENGER_APP_ENV: 'production', App 5622 stdout: METEOR_SETTINGS: '{"public":{"tenant":"icter"}}', but my object within Meteor is still empty. –  Boite Witte Jun 4 '14 at 10:15
Did you ever get this solved? I'm running into the exact same issue :( –  Thomas Goorden Mar 4 at 21:47
See my own answer below ;-) I've made the "public" settings available for the client through a meteor.method. –  Boite Witte Mar 5 at 14:35

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The Meteor.settings.public.tenant was not available on the client side, but available on the server.

So I've changed it to Meteor.settings.tenant and made this available through a method (which is actually a better way, because in this case it corresponded with a configuration specific for this tenant). So with this setup I don't have to make the configurations for all the tenants available for the client, but just the tenant configuration.

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