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I have path /opt/test/share mounted on ubuntu and shared with everyone using samba. I have mapped Z: drive on windows to above path.

Now, If I do cd Z:/ and then dir from local windows box, it works fine. But if I try to do same thing through jenkins it says "The system cannot find the path specified"

Please help.

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What version of command prompt are you using? cd Z:/ is never a valid command. To change a drive, you use just Z: –  Slav Jun 2 at 15:19

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Is Jenkins running on the Windows machine as you or as a Windows Service. Mounting in Windows is user dependent.

If you are running Jenkins as a Service on Windows, you will need to explicitly tell "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" account to mount the drive. The page "How to map network shares into drives to a Windows service permanently" should help you set up the mount.

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Jenkins is running as windows service. –  rohit_kadam Jun 3 at 5:40
WooHoo, this worked. Thanks for the help! –  rohit_kadam Jun 3 at 6:31

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