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I integrated Bootstrap menu in my web site that I am developing now. In fact, I would like to know how can I disable Bootstrap links hover background color ?. The explanation is as below:

This is the menu that I integrated:

enter image description here

When I put the mouse cursor over an item of the menu, its background color changes to blue:

enter image description here

What I want is that when I put the mouse cursor over any item nothing happens, it means that its background color doesn't change at all.

This is the part of css code I am using:

            background-color: inherit !important;

And this is the code line belonged to an item of the menu I am using:

<li class="notif"><a class="notif_link" href="#"><span class="notif_content">hello</span></a></li>

So, my question is what is the error here?..And how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.

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Either find the :hover pseudo selector in the Bootstrap css itself and change the value or overwrite it with the same selector (that you can find in dev tools/inspector) using your desired color. –  Kyle Jun 2 at 11:39
Ah, also remove the !important declaration. It is totally unnecessary. –  Kyle Jun 2 at 11:46

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Try it:

<a class="notif_link" href="#"><li class="notif"><span class="notif_content">hello</span></li></a>
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a[href]:after { display:none;} (or)<a class="disabled" href="javascript:void(0)">LINK</a>
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