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I have a table like this:

Q FY    | Program Name | Giver Employee ID 
Q1 FY13 |  XYZ FY13    | 000123456    
Q2 FY13 | ABCD FY13    |    123456 
Q2 FY13 |  XYZ FY13    |   4568799 
Q1 FY14 |  XYZ FY14    |    333333

I need to count how many employees have an entry each quarter. A employee can have more than one entry at a quarter. I don't know all employees IDs, not all are listed. As result I would like to have something like " In Q1 FY13 4 employees are listed " Can I solve this via VBA? I have no idea how to do this and apreciate your help!

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You can solve almost anything with VBA but questions asking simply for "How do I do such-and-such" without demonstrating any research effort or attempt at solving the problem on your own are not good questions on SO. –  David Zemens Jun 2 at 12:04
Okay- how do i count how many different employee IDs are listed each quarter? –  user3682756 Jun 2 at 12:11
Have you tried Pivot tables? This would be the easiest to implement. –  MikeD Jun 2 at 15:59
Row Labels = Giver EmpID, Column Labels = Q, values = count(Giver EmpID) ... your answer is in the Grand Totals –  MikeD Jun 2 at 16:17

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