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I'm creating a photo gallery SPA with angularJS (front & back) and nodejs (server). I'm asking myself which type of database I should use to store the gallery/photo knowing :

  • I'll have two main classes : Photo and Gallery
  • A Gallery will contain either another Gallery or a Photo (infinite stacking of gallery possible in theory ...)
  • Easy data manipulation, for example, I need the ability to move a photo/gallery to another Gallery easily, or a full branch (move a tree of 4 nested gallery to another one)

related SQL structure:

Photo (photo_id, title, filename, gallery_id) //gallery_id is a foreign key to Gallery table
Gallery (gallery_id, title, parent_id) //parent_id is NULL when no parent (root gallery)

This data structure is quite simple but relational, so using a SQL database like postgresql with NodeJS would be OK.

How would you structure that with a noSQL databases like mongoDB ? (maybe with my relational structure data it's totally out of the question ?)

Is it a case where traditional relational SQL databases is preferable ?


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I was waiting for this quick-reply ;) I'm not asking you to think for me, I just ask people who know NoSQL to confirm me that this kind of database structure is viable or not in a NOSQL context ... as I don't have any experience with it.. By the way, I don't ask for your best tool, but for the pro and cons of both tools for MY context . –  Cétia Jun 2 '14 at 12:45

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Use mongoDB for keeping nested structures as it will enable indexing to n level and enable querying on those indexes as well.

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Thanks, that helps. Do you have any concrete example ? I'll take a look at the doc. –  Cétia Jun 2 '14 at 14:14

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