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I need to perform some queries on a rather large table, how do i check if the query has finished?

The main problem is that the queries can take up to 10 minutes and i want to tell the user, and hence the webbrowser, that its still running, so simply waiting for $sth->fetch* to finish is not an option as it will "pause" the script until there is data to be fetched.

I checked the documentation but there seems to be no function like $dbh->has_finished() or $dbh->has_data().

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As far as I know, fetch is blocking operation and you can't do anything until it finishes. –  mpapec Jun 2 at 13:32
Yep, thats the problem and i am searcher for a function that i can ask "Is it done yet?" all the while i can send the browser and the user a "Still running, please wait". –  BastetFurry Jun 2 at 13:34
You'll need job queue. –  mpapec Jun 2 at 13:42

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Asynchronous database queries should be possible with an event loop. I suggest that you take a look at AnyEvent::DBI. The trick is to use a condition variable. The query is executed asynchronously. When the query is finishen it calls a callback sub that broadcasts on the condition variable. You can use $cv->ready for checking whether the query is finished.

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