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I need help to write a Linux script to find all the *.zip files inside a specified folder. Then, search for "_xx.xml" files inside the zip file. And finally move these zip files containing "*_xx.xml" to another directory.

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Anything you've tried please? –  konsolebox Jun 2 at 13:19

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Try this one:

find "$FOLDER" -type f -iname '*.zip' | while read FILE; do
    unzip -lqq "$FILE" '*_xx.xml' >/dev/null && echo mv -v "$FILE" "$ANOTHER"/

Remove echo when you find it working already.

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Thanks a lot for the help. I have tried the above code and found to be executing fine. The echo comments also displayed fine. But unable to find the required test files in destination folder. –  user3699513 Jun 2 at 14:04
Like I said you should remove echo if it works good enough: echo mv -v "$FILE" "$ANOTHER"/ -> mv -v "$FILE" "$ANOTHER"/ –  konsolebox Jun 2 at 14:05
Sorry, I didn't noticed your comment below. –  user3699513 Jun 2 at 14:13
Now, it is working fine. Thanks a lot. –  user3699513 Jun 2 at 14:13
No prob. Welcome. –  konsolebox Jun 2 at 14:17

Finding and iterating over all zip files in a folder:

for z in *.zip; do
    # do something

Show the content of the zip file without extracting it

unzip -l "$z"

Grep the content of the zip file

unzip -l "$z" | grep '_xx\.xml'

If this condition evaluates to true, move the file using mv

mv "$z" new_dir

Now all you need to do is putting these steps together ;).

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