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I'm using Sails beta 0.10.0-rc7 and I'm having troubles with model associations. I have the following scheme:

Document - has - Attributes -- have -- Type

Documents that have attributes, which have a Type. I'm trying to retrieve the whole structure from only one query using populate:

        var query = model.findOne({id: id});

    for (var i = 0; i < model.associations.length; i++) {
        query = query.populate(model.associations[i].alias);

With that code I can get the 1st level of the Model populated:

    res = {
        id: 1,
        name: '....',
        desc: '....',
        // This is populated
        attributes: [{
                id: 1,
                name: '...',
                // THIS Should be populated also!
                type: 1
                // Should be 
                // type: { id: 1, name: '....' .... }



How could I get the 2nd level of hierarchy (Type) ?

Thanks in advance :_)

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I think this is answered in another page: stackoverflow.com/questions/23446484/… –  josec89 Jun 2 at 13:46

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