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I have an issue in below example


 <table id="items">
            <td>ToDo List</td>
    <tbody data-bind="foreach: toDoItems">
            <td><label data-bind="text: toDoItem"></label></td>
            <td><a href="#" data-bind="click: $root.removeToDoItem">Remove</a></td>
Add item: <input type="text" id="newitem" />
<button data-bind="click: addnewItem">Add</button>

This is my JS code:

$(function () {

  var MetalViewModel = function() {
    var self = this;
    self.toDoItems = ko.observableArray();

    self.update = function() {
            new metals({"Task":"This is urgent task."}),
            new metals({"Task":"You need to do it also."})
    self.addnewItem = function () {
        alert( $("#newitem").val() );
            new metals({"Task":$("#newitem").val()})
    self.removeToDoItem = function(item) {


var MetalViewModel = new MetalViewModel();
var y = window.setInterval(MetalViewModel.update,1000);
ko.applyBindings(MetalViewModel, document.getElementById("items"));

var metals = function (data) {
    return {
        toDoItem: ko.observable(data.Task)

Everything is working fine. Listing, removing ....

The only issue I am facing is that when I add new item, function is totally not working... means even if I alert click binding does not reach there.

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Can you create a demo/jsfiddle link? As for issue #2, apparently, is expected behavior unless the state of the your model is saved between http requests. –  DevPat Jun 2 '14 at 13:33
var MetalViewModel = new MetalViewModel(); <= you should chose another name for your instance, like var myModel = new MetalViewModel(); –  GôTô Jun 2 '14 at 13:44
Please check whether you have closed all braces properly. Kindly create a fiddle. It will help people to identify the root cause faster –  Sherin Mathew Jun 2 '14 at 13:47
in order to call <data-bind="click: addnewItem">, Why "addnewItem" cannot be the part of existing model? Can you please explain? –  UMI Jun 2 '14 at 13:49
I think the GôTô has explained it below. –  Sherin Mathew Jun 2 '14 at 14:10

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You bound only the table with your vewmodel (id=items):

 ko.applyBindings(MetalViewModel, document.getElementById("items"));

And your button is outside the table so it is not related to your viewmodel.

As a solution, you can bind to the common parent or to the whole page:

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Yes you are right, on your opinion. Actually I cannot remove binding ID from table as I will have multiple data bindings in one template. So another hint is good that I had to take my button into the ID table. It worked :) Thank you! –  UMI Jun 2 '14 at 14:04

Here're two issues:

  • invalid binding, instead of ko.applyBindings(MetalViewModel, document.getElementById("items")); should be ko.applyBindings(MetalViewModel);
  • invalid data-bind function name instead of additemToAdd should be addToDoItem

here's working sample

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