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I have a directory named as - "Requests" inside that I have below files


I need to filter only Transition-Request-201405061735.txt

the code I came up so far is below

 use strict;
 use warnings;

   my $Request = "/tmp/Requests";
   opendir(DIR, $Request) or die $!; 
   my @inputfiles = grep { /ion-Request-/ && \/\.txt$/ && -f "$Request/$_"  } readdir(DIR);
   print "@inputfiles\n";

Output is as below

Transition-Request-201405061735.html Transition-Request-201405061735.csv Transition-Request-201405061735.txt Requisition-Request-201405061735.html

I am seeking experts advise in using a valid grep statement to filter only my desired file - Transition-Request-201405061735.txt

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This is due to the escape character:

# ^ here

just remove it:

.... /ion-Request-/ && /\.txt$/ ...
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oops.... I missed that... Thanks for your prompt reply – user2190101 Jun 2 '14 at 14:05

This is much more straightforward using glob:

my @inputfiles = glob '/tmp/Requests/Transition-Request-*.txt';
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