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Due to all of the discussion in the open source community regarding TDD, I have read some blogs about the simplicity of Minitest. I currently use Rspec and think Minitest may be a good testing suite to learn. I feel silly asking this, but is Minitest the same as Test::Unit? I looked around online but I can't find the answer to this question. I want to ensure that when I talk about this, I at least ask the question correctly. So the real question is this:

Is Minitest the same as Test::Unit, or is Test::Unit a component of Minitest? If neither of those options, are they two totally different testing suites?

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Basically, Test::Unit got replaced by MiniTest (which ships with Ruby now). MiniTest tests can be written in the Test::Unit syntax or in the MiniTest::Spec syntax. Mini::Test, as a standalone, doesn't have a future... but MiniTest is faster, smaller, included by default, and has a great future and, IMHO, you should definitely make the switch! Although it is definitely lacking in documentation, as you have found. For the most part, you can just use Test::Unit documentation for help with using MiniTest.

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