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I'm following along with a tutorial from the Backbone Fundamentals book ( and am trying to create a spy in order to test validation.

The code below produces the following error in my SpecRunner:

'TypeError: Cannot read property 'args' of undefined'

it('Can contain custom validation rules, and will trigger an invalid event on failed validation.', function() {

    var errorCallback = jasmine.createSpy('-invalid event callback-');

    var todo = new Todo();

    todo.on('invalid', errorCallback);

    todo.set({done:'a non-boolean value'});

    var errorArgs = errorCallback.mostRecentCall.args;

    expect(errorArgs[1]).toBe('Todo.done must be a boolean value.');

I've searched high and low with little results. I've also tried replacing:

var errorArgs = errorCallback.mostRecentCall.args;


var errorArgs = errorCallback.calls.mostRecent();

which seems is what's being used in the jasmine docs, but still same problem.

Any help is much appreciated!

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The tutorial you linked to is using Jasmine 1.3, and you're probably using Jasmine 2.0. The syntax for spies changed quite a bit.

The line you're looking for is

var errorArgs = errorCallback.calls.mostRecent().args;

Or alternatively,

var errorArgs = errorCallback.calls.argsFor(0);
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Thanks Eric. I'll check this out this evening when I get home. – DanV Jun 4 '14 at 10:03

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