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I am trying to set up Capistrano 3 for my Rails 4 application, the setup is following:


SSHKit.config.command_map[:rake] = "bundle exec rake"
# config valid only for Capistrano 3.1
lock '3.1.0'

set :application, 'myapp'
set :scm, :git

set :repo_url, 'git@bitbucket.org:username/repo.git'
set :stages, ["staging", "production"]
set :default_stage, "staging"

set :format, :pretty
set :pty, true
set :keep_releases, 5

namespace :deploy do

  desc 'Restart application'
  task :restart do
    on roles(:app), in: :sequence, wait: 5 do
      # Your restart mechanism here, for example:
      # execute :touch, release_path.join('tmp/restart.txt')

  after :publishing, :restart

  after :restart, :clear_cache do
    on roles(:web), in: :groups, limit: 3, wait: 10 do
      # Here we can do anything such as:
      # within release_path do
      #   execute :rake, 'cache:clear'
      # end


and in deploy/staging.rb:

role :app, %w{deployer@IP_ADDRESS}
role :web, %w{deployer@IP_ADDRESS}
role :db,  %w{deployer@IP_ADDRESS}

server "IP_ADDRESS", user: 'deployer', roles: %w{app web db}
set :deploy_to, "/home/deployer/apps/myapp-staging"

set :ssh_options, {
    forward_agent: false,
    auth_methods: %w(password),
    password: 'my_password',
    user: 'deployer',

When I run

cap staging deploy

The output is:

 INFO [f15d031b] Running /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/myapp/ on IP_ADDRESS
DEBUG [f15d031b] Command: /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/myapp/
cap aborted!
Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - connect(2)

Why Capistrano can't deploy the app on the staging server?

Thank you in advance for every help.

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