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I have a pcap file which contains a packet which I captured using wireshark, the packets were sent using a protocol which lays on the TCP protocol. How can I replay the packet contents only? What I mean is that I don't want the pcap sent as is (a new TCP connection).

I'm doing this in order to perform a replay attack to check the vulnerabilities of a system I built.

I have already tried tcpreplay and similar software but what they do is simply send the traffic again (they don't generate a new TCP connection).

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I'm trying to understand your question, do you have just one packet in the dump? and you want to send the packet payload somewhere? –  Zahaib Akhtar Jun 2 at 15:57

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Tcpreplay will simply replay a packet trace into a networks and will not be "seen" by an application (which I assume is what your are trying to do). Try tcpliveplay which is included in Tcpreplay suite. It will modify the packets in your pcap file in a way that will be played directly into an application.

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