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I think I might go cross-eyed here but I have two jquery plugins which work on this page...: http://phillip-jr-hogan.com/bootstrap-2.3.2/docs/examples/carousel.html

...when included separately but do not work when combined. I'm thinking it is some sort of jquery conflict but I'm too inexperienced to figure this out without a little help.

Does any one know of any good resources online to check for conflicts etc in your javascript code? I've tried $.NoConflict() but this isn't working for me.

The two parts of the page which are an issue are the top header which uses textillate.js and fittext.js to animate the textand keep it full screen.

And the circular image with the css3 red border which should flip and rotate images on click (using jquery.flipshow.js) - currently isn't working whilst textillate.js and fittext.js scripts are on the page.

Any points would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Phill

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