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i'm using a nextGen image gallery, to create a browsable list of images in wordpress 3.9.1. only one shows at a time, with back and next buttons, you see them all. click on the images, and opens a lightbox so see it in full screen; so far so good, and you can see this in http://utopiaacores.com/design/. I like nextGen because i have an UI for my client to change the gallery

also, other images in posts are being opened nextGen in a lightbox, and it works well. and of course they are not part of the browsable collection of images

But once i open the lightbox, to see the next image, i have to close it, go to the gallery, click back or next, and click on the desired image, and finally open in the lightbox again. i'd like to also have back and next buttons in lightbox, so the users can see the other pictures, without closing the lightbox

my configs now are:

gallery > other options > Lightbox Effects:

What effect would you like to use?: Thickbox

What must the lightbox be applied to?: try to apply to all images that link to image files

Styles > enable Custom CSS: yes

Gallery Settings > Basic image browser > enable AJAX pagination? yes

template: none

i already tried fiddling with those parameters, to no avail. i also tried other plugins, but on those i couldn't even navigate in the collection at all.

any help will be appreciated.

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