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I have the following code to let this program to search youtube gdata.

class Youtube
   def search_url(term)
     url = ""
     url += "?q=#{term}&alt=json&restriction=US&max-results=50&orderby=viewCount"
 url += "&fields=entry(id,title,yt:noembed,media:group(media:description),author(name),yt:statistics(@viewCount))"
     url += "&key=#{DEV_KEY}"

However, when I tested this program, it seems it fails to search when the search term contains "&", like the popular duo artist "Macklemore & Ryan Lewis".

"&" might not be the cause of failure. But I just suspect it. If you think "&" is not the cause, what do you think is the cause of failure? If you think "&" is the cause, how can I fix it?

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You need the escape the term before sending it as a URL parameter:

require 'cgi'

def search_url(term)
  term = CGI.escape(term)
  url = ""
  url += "?q=#{term}&alt=json&restriction=US&max-results=50&orderby=viewCount"
  url += "&fields=entry(id,title,yt:noembed,media:group(media:description),author(name),yt:statistics(@viewCount))"
  url += "&key=#{DEV_KEY}"

escaping using CGI.escape results in a URI-safe parameter:

CGI.escape('Macklemore & Ryan Lewis')
# => "Macklemore+%26+Ryan+Lewis"
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@Uri_Agassi Thank you. But your code now doesn't include "class Youtube". But perhaps that doesn't mean "class Youtube" should be really deleted, right? – user1849133 Jun 3 '14 at 2:54
Of course class Youtube should be there... I just got lazy copying your cose – Uri Agassi Jun 3 '14 at 4:12
@Uri_Agassi Uh... I tested the program but it didn't work. In fact now the program can't search the things that it could search before. Any idea what happened? – user1849133 Jun 3 '14 at 8:05
what is the resulting query? how is it different from the query that worked? – Uri Agassi Jun 3 '14 at 8:07
@Uri_Agassi Query is "Macklemore & Ryan Lewis". If you open this & Ryan Lewis&restriction=US&max-results=50&orderby=viewCount by Firefox, then you can see "Macklemore - Thrift Shop Ft. Wanz Lyrics On Screen" appears in the list, which isn't supposed to appear, because it doesn't contain "Ryan Lewis" – user1849133 Jun 3 '14 at 10:20

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