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Is it possible to compile Cython code to a dynamic library (e.g. dll) using something like --embed flag?

e.g. renaming pyd file to dll only shows the init method using dependency walker

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Protip: if the answer to your question (in this format, yes/no) is too short to even post as an answer without adding a length filler, it's not a good question. This sort of question would be better asked in the Python Chat Room. –  Sterling Archer Jun 2 at 17:51
@RUJordan as you can see I expanded the question and described the problem with references –  denfromufa Jun 2 at 17:59

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It looks like creating a COM DLL from py2exe is better approach:


  23     my_com_server_target = Target(
  24     description = "my com server",
  25     # use module name for ctypes.com dll server
  26     modules = ["dir.my_com_server"],
  27     # the following line embeds the typelib within the dll
  28     other_resources = [("TYPELIB", 1, open(r"dir\my_com_server.tlb", "rb").read())],
  29     # we only want the inproc (dll) server
  30     create_exe = False
  31     )
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