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How can I use EKEvent to only pull events from the exchange calendars on iOS or maybe only the exchange calendars that end with @CompanyName.com. I use a search with predicate to find the events from eventStore. Here is my current predicate search code.

NSArray *calendarArray = [NSArray arrayWithObject:self.defaultCalendar];

//NSArray *calendarArray = [NSArray arrayWithObject:EKCalendarTypeExchange];

NSPredicate *predicate = [self.eventStore predicateForEventsWithStartDate:startDate

// Fetch all events that match the predicate
NSMutableArray *events = [NSMutableArray arrayWithArray:[self.eventStore eventsMatchingPredicate:predicate]];

self.sections = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
for (EKEvent *event in events)
    // Reduce event start date to date components (year, month, day)
    NSDate *dateRepresentingThisDay = [self dateAtBeginningOfDayForDate:event.startDate];

    // If we don't yet have an array to hold the events for this day, create one
    NSMutableArray *eventsOnThisDay = [self.sections objectForKey:dateRepresentingThisDay];
    if (eventsOnThisDay == nil)
        eventsOnThisDay = [NSMutableArray array];

        // Use the reduced date as dictionary key to later retrieve the event list this day
        [self.sections setObject:eventsOnThisDay forKey:dateRepresentingThisDay];

    // Add the event to the list for this day
    [eventsOnThisDay addObject:event];
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