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Full text search is becoming a tedious job using the relational databases’ approach. Can anybody suggest an alternate option if any or way to customize the full text search ?

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Can you explain the question little bit clear . –  Pavunkumar Mar 8 '10 at 9:02

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Sure, you can use lucene for your search and have the "id" for the lucene record point to the relational data you want to use.

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Well, it cannot be stated exactly as an alternative but full text search engines are better in case of quickly searching high volumes of unstructured text on the contrary to relational databases which excel at storing & manipulating structured data. So, It actually depends on your search suitability.

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I think if the high volume of unstructured text is searched with ease it is there by making the search process more convenient and user friendly. I guess it makes the full text search engines an obvious choice in that case. I have tried Solr and found it quite efficient. You can check out: http://search.lucidimagination.com/search/document/CDRG_ch06_6.1

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