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I know how to setup a href and a download attribute on an anchor to allow a user to download data as a file.

However, a client has requested that one link download two files together AND not be zipped! Don't ask me why!

Looking online I found the following solutions:

1) create 2 iframes on the fly and in each's form set its GET to the location of one of the files on the server, then run a form submit...here

2) A variation of (1) using a JQuery plugin..here

3) Opening popup windows. (not worth the link)

I'm wondering if I can handle this on the JS side? In the same App, I'm exporting data to CSV with the following code:

$elm.attr('href', 'data:text/csv;charset=utf8,' + encodeURIComponent(_str)).attr('download', fileName);

Where _str is a flattened two dimensional array.

Can I somehow trail or attach a second file to that?

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