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Can someone please immediately assist on this ? I'm a newbie here.

I'm creating a unit test appx package through makeappx.exe. When i compile my unit tests and my associate app project, all i see is my unit test project creating a .dll version of myapp.exe along with other unit test binaries. when i try to use this package to run unit tests, it throws exception.

I tried genreating a unit test appx package through VS->store->create appx package. I unzipped that appx package and saw it has additional vstest.container exe's (which i included in my directory while doing a make appx), test platform binaries and additionally all other binaries my original app would use. Now, how is this achieved ? Is that a simple "copy local" to true setting in framework->references while adding references ? If so, i tried that as well, but it automatically gets set to false after i make it true (i think its not there in my global cache as well).

As i dont have the additional binaries of my own app in the package i create through appx, it always fails even to start.

How would i add this or create a similar directory structure like the one that's attained through using VS->create app (link). Please note the appx i generate through vs command runs successfully (when i attempt to launch the unit test through vstest.console.exe).

Please provide some help on this.

Thanks !!

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