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I am using the Neo4j API to get all the relationship from a node, however it seems that neo4j is not returning all relationships.

To following code:

Node node = graphDatabaseService.getNodeById(nodeId);
for (Relationship relationship : node

returns only 200 relationships


    for (Path position: graphDatabaseService.traversalDescription()
            .evaluator(Evaluators.toDepth(1)).traverse(initial)) {


i am only able to get 100 paths.

To following graph is obtained from the visual web interface

graph visualization from webadmin

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is nodes a set or a list? and the traversal-description has uniqueness constraints that default to node-uniqueness. –  Michael Hunger Jun 2 at 21:15
Its a Set but since I am adding the internal ID they are unique I assume –  fxe Jun 2 at 21:19

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