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I have a POJO that I'm using to pass some data that I've retrieved from a query from teh datastore:

public class User {
    public String email;
    public String username;

I set the data from the datastore query, and check that it's set right on the server side.

Then it is bundled into a CollectionResponse and returned from the endpoint to the Android client. Then the data is extracted.

The problem is that when it arrives on the client, email is set to null. The username field still has its data though.

I've tried it with getters and setters defined, with ApiResourceProperty set, but it doesn't help. The weird thing is that I have a very similar setup with another endpoint and there it all works no problem.

Anyone know why this could happen?

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Please make sure that in your endpoint method you specify an HTTPMethod of "Post". Example:

@ApiMethod(name = "setAnimals", path = "animals", httpMethod = "POST")
public AnimalResponse setAnimal(Animal animal) {}
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