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I am modifying V8 JavaScript engine, and planning to replace the existing one with the modified V8 library for Chromium. I was able to do in Ubuntu as the library file,, was located at /usr/lib/chromium-browser/libs. All I had to do was finding the version of V8 compatible with the version of Chromium installed, downloading and modifying the source code of V8, and replacing the library file. I searched the entire file system for "libv8.*", but couldn't find any in my mac. I don't want to build the entire Chromium which takes too much time and disk space.

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Your Chromium in Ubuntu is built with component build (, so the v8 component is built to and can be replaced directly.

I guess your Chromium in mac does not use component build, all components are built into a single Chromium Framework, so there is no libv8.dylib to be replaced.

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