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I have tried communicating via serial (OSX w/ prolific drivers -> USB RS232 adapter -> Tx,Rx and GND pins on device serial ttl port) to a device and done so successfully using

screen /dev/tty.usbserial 115200 8N1

I get to log in and use it as if I was SSH or TelNetted in...

However whenever I try to go into system recovery mode (holding CTRL+1) while the device is powering on, it starts displaying weird characters and until I close the screen session it will continue showing weird characters:

enter image description here

Of course when we tried doing the same thing on my boss' macbook running windows and PuTTY and everything worked fine, even in system recovery mode; characters were displayed properly.

What gives? Id like to learn the intuition to use because up till now I concluded that since I can bot into the system and see characters normally everything about the connection should be fine and its must have been the recovery partition that was broken. This was wrong of course...


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