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I lost my .vimrc file in a harddrive failure. I got it from somewhere on the internet, but now I can't seem to find it.

I went ahead and slightly modified this .vimrc file


but it just doesn't work the same.

Indentation works fine after methods, but the braces don't align properly

For instance:

int main()

In the old one it would align properly as such:

    int main()

Here is my .vimrc:


my ~/.vim/bundle/ folder:

  • ctrlp.vim
  • delimitMate
  • indentLine
  • nerdtree
  • omni
  • supertab
  • ultisnips

Is there anything I can add to my .vimrc file to display my code as I want?

I suspect it might be a problem with delimitMate and autocompletion


it seems that removing delimitMate altogether worked. I will investigate further

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Stop using smartindent, it has issues. autoindent and filetype plugin indent on is all you need. –  Dhruva Sagar Jun 3 at 5:03
@DhruvaSagar I did that thanks. Works fine without delimitMate. If I put it back into my bundle folder, it screws everything up –  Rishub Jun 3 at 23:03

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In your settings the value of cinoptions must have }0 for { and } to align. For further info, try:

:help cino-}


This is what I have:

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