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I have a grid that contains a ComboBoxEdit repository editor. When the user selects an Item in the Drop Down, I need to determine the Row (in the grid) and the Value that was selected. Which event, etc. can I use to determine these values?



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You can use the SelectedValueChanged, SelectedIndexChanged or EditValueChanged event of the repositoryItem (ComboBox) to accomplish this task.

repositoryItemComboBox1.SelectedValueChanged += new EventHandler(repositoryItemComboBox1_SelectedValueChanged);

To get the values you have to use some method of xtragrid. At first i show you an example how to get the row:

object row = grdvView.GetRow(grdvView.FocusedRowHandle);

If you are using DataBinding on your Grid you can cast the Row to your specific type like this:

MyClass row = grdvView.GetRow(grdvView.FocusedRowHandle) as MyClass;

So you get the BusinessObject back.

To get the Value from the ComboBox you have to determine the cell value.

object value = grdvView.GetRowCellValue(grdvView.FocusedRowHandle, colWhereComboBoxIsItem);

Hint: DevExpress recommend you to use LookUpEdit instead of ComboBox. If you need further assistance dont hesitate to contact me.

Good Luck

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Thanks that worked great! –  Bob Bartel Jun 4 '14 at 4:16

GridControl's View provide several events to handle cell editing:

  • When an end-user types or deletes a character within a cell or chooses a value from the drop-down editor, the ColumnView.CellValueChanging event is raised.
  • After the value has been modified and the editor has been closed, the ColumnView.CellValueChanged event is generated.

These events provides a parameter whose the Column and the RowHandle properties can be used to identify the row and column containing the edited cell.

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