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Hii, I want to implement floating 3D carousel with images, similar to UltimateFaves imeplementation. Please give me some idea how to proceed

Regards, Kishore

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You are not really specifying a technology... but the easy solution, if you're using an animation program, is to make a cylinder and wrap it with the images in cylindrical UVW mapping with alpha channels. So for instance you have 3 dogs and 2 ponies, you'd probably want to create an image in photoshop that's got transparent background with the dogs and ponies lined up. If this is 3dsmax, you'd create your cylinder and then apply a regular map on there with the transparency preserved image as the diffused channel and do UVW mapping on there with the cylindrical mapping. After that it's all about just animating it to rotate the right way. You'll have to provide your own model for the top and bottom.

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Dude try to modify some transformations in this link which is a cover flow widget. i hope this will help u out.

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