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I'm using Selenium WebDriver with my RSpec tests on a Rails 4 web app. There's no problem using Firefox in my tests, but I can't get the Chrome web driver to work.

This is what I've done:

  1. Downloaded Chrome driver (version 2.9) from

  2. Unzipped and put the driver into /usr/bin/

    sudo mv chromedriver /usr/bin/
    sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/chromedriver
  3. Added this to spec_helper.rb:

    Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|, :browser => :chrome)
  4. Modify my test (page_spec.rb) to use Chrome for web driver.

    require 'rspec_gem'
    require 'rspec-expectations'
    require 'selenium-webdriver'
    driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :chrome
  5. This is the dev and test group in my Gemfile.rb:

    group :development, :test do
      gem 'sqlite3', '1.3.7'               # Using sqlite for development builds
      gem 'rspec-rails', '2.13.2'          # Unit Test tool
      gem 'annotate', '2.5.0'              # For annotating models
      gem 'simplecov'                      # Code coverage analysis.
      gem 'capybara', '~>2.0'              # Headless browser for test.
      gem 'selenium-webdriver'
      gem 'database_cleaner', '1.2.0' # github: 'bmabey/database_cleaner'
      gem 'better_errors'                  # Replaces standard rails errors page
      gem 'binding_of_caller'
      gem 'factory_girl_rails', '4.1.0'    # Generate user factories for testing.
      gem 'faker', '1.1.2'                 # Tool to seed the user database.
      gem 'rspec_gem'                      # For Selenium tests
      gem 'rspec-expectations'
      gem 'debugger'
  6. I run the test using this command:

    bundle exec rspec -fd page_spec.rb

This is the error I get when I try to run the test:

/home/jchan/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p247/gems/selenium-webdriver-2.42.0/lib/selenium/webdriver/chrome/service.rb:50:in `start': unable to connect to chromedriver (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError)

I'm not sure why it cannot connect to the chromedriver.

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Can you tell, why are you using:

driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :chrome 

To have it enabled only for the specific test?

The following should override the Selenium driver. So there should be no need to enable it explicitely

Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|, :browser => :chrome)

You can also define the chrome driver under other name and than tell Capybara to use it

Capybara.register_driver :chrome do |app|, :browser => :chrome)

Capybara.current_driver = :chrome

Try out this global options first. They work perfectly for us.

But maybe you just downloaded a wrong binary. 32/64 bit Intel or ARM? I also once had some issues because of chromedriver version not matching the the chrome version.

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Hmm, my tests have lines like '', so what would I set driver = instead of Selenium::WebDriver.for :chrome? I am on 32-bit Ubuntu Linux and downloaded the proper binary. Running cd /usr/bin/; ./chromedriver works. – Jack Jun 3 '14 at 0:30
with rpsec u just leave it out. visit "http:://" see – dre-hh Jun 3 '14 at 7:46

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