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So I hope this won't come across as argumentative. It's not meant to be but my frustration is so high that if this doesn't work, I'm looking for a new job where I can actually code and not fight with source control all day.

Basically, Here's my reality. My team uses a BitBucket Git repo for source control. As near as I can tell, when the build branch is created, 1 guy integrates changes into his local dev branch but he never fully integrates my code and I believe he is cherrypicking the bits that he wants and/or then restructures or changes the code enough that if I try to merge his "dev" branch into mine so I can get his updates, IF I can even get it to successfully merge, I get what I refer to as "frankencode" where Git makes mismatched snippets of code everywhere based on his restructure or existing code is overwritten/rolled back.

What it comes down to is that in 9 months, I have spent approximately 75% of that time fighting with Git and only 25% of it getting code written. I've tried several Git clients (i.e. Sourcetree and Tortoise Git among others) and I still fight with Git more than I write code. I used to love my job working 60+ hours a week. Now I'm lucky if I can make myself put in a full 40. I need to know if this is possible:

  1. Create a local SVN server (i.e. VisualSVN) on my local machine

  2. I clone a local workspace from the appropriate Git repos for a dev branch (i.e. remote/origin/my-dev) which is specifically for me to check in MY changes.

  3. Next clone a remote Git repo (i.e. remote/origin/their-dev-build) so I can get updates from my coworkers. This would be done using a Git Pull and then checking in their changes to SVN which I'm quite familiar and comfortable using.

I then see my workflow being something like:

  1. I have a local SVN workarea which I work against.

  2. I have all my local workspaces so that I can do a manual merge/update/checkout/checkin using SVN into and out of.

  3. SVN checkout of the merged code into a Git clone that I can then push back to the remote/origin/my-dev repo.

First thing is to ask if anyone knows something that already does this, has done this already and has a better flow, or has any other words of advice. I know this sounds tedious but its still faster than what I'm dealing with.

Secondly, having that Git "merge" history is a huge deal to my coworker... and not running a Git Merge (which fails most of the time anyway for me) is going to cause a minor conniption. Any suggestions on ways to get around that?

Thanks for your help and please know that although I tried to figure this out on my own, I only end up finding "deal with it" solutions which do NOT ever help. If I forgot some details, please ask. Sorry if there's a solution that I'm unaware of that everyone else knows about, again, I tried to look but didn't see anything that seemed like it would help.

Oh and one more thing in mind, having the team switch to another source control product falls on completely deaf ears that are on the other side of the country so while I think Git-svn might be helpful, I can't see that it will let me integrate into a remote git repo from a local repo and keep my changes. Maybe it does but all I ever seem to find are things about how you can move from SVN into Git. Any suggestions for using it that aren't "I hate svn and want to be moving to Git" based?

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