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In a project I'm working on, I have certain tables that are used as lookup tables. They have a pretty complex structure and could be a bit long, so I went with database tables instead of YAML. Is there a way I can transfer those tables along with the data between different environments?

I have my development and test environment in heroku. So any heroku based ways to transfer data will be appreciated too.

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You may benefit from database seeding


A relatively simple procedure - you can pre-populate your datatables using the db/seeds.rb file:

Model.create({option: "value"})

You can then use rake db:seed to populate the datatables


Probably not what you're looking for exactly, but certainly an option

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Definitely an option. I have to say, I was spoiled by some Microsoft GUI tools before, that'll automate some of the database transfer scripts for me. I'll resort to this as a last option. –  Aswin Ramakrishnan Jun 3 '14 at 17:10
Just to confirm - does the export code in the page you specified exclude data already seeded / in seeds.rb? Is that what this line does? delete_if {|key, value| ['created_at','updated_at','id'].include?(key)}.to_s.gsub(/[{}]/,'')}) –  Aswin Ramakrishnan Jun 3 '14 at 17:13
Hmmm I'm not sure what that is! I think it's basically that if you're trying to import new data from existing, it will remove all the attributes which may prevent the database from being populated. The main reason for this is ActiveRecord will automatically populate the id, created_at and updated_at attributes for you –  Rich Peck Jun 3 '14 at 17:23

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