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I have found that using background: scripts does not allow for the extension to run across all existing windows and tabs or new windows and tabs. After some research I found a post relating to content-scripts. However I am having trouble getting this to work across the tabs/windows.

Is anyone able to assist me making this work across all tabs and windows and new tabs/windows.

If I open www.twitter.com I want it block the site using the script and tell me in the console that it's done that. I am also retrieving values from Xively which I want it to show in the console across any tabs that I open.

On a sidenote, How can I compare the current URL to a list of predefined URLS. If the value from Xively is "tag1" I want it to use a list of predefined sites and block them all. If it is "tag2" I would like It to block another set of predefined sites.

EDITED1 to give a more comprehensive example of what I am trying to achieve.

EDITED2 Using my code I have now managed to block websites by changing the tagger variable which stores the URLs, however I am not unable to unblock those sites when a different tag ID is received. It will continuously block the website if it has been blocked once already. Any explanation or help with this?

JS file:

var tag3 = '"*://www.twitter.com/*", "*://www.facebook.com/*"'

var tag2 = '"*://www.google.com/*", "*://www.imgur.com/*"'

var tag1 = '"*://www.yahoo.com/*"'

var tagger = "*://www.paint.com/*";

        function(details) { 
        return {cancel: true};
        {urls: [tagger]},

        // Set your API key first  

// Get feed content  
 xively.setKey( "CnfVSc8FlPqgma61r2Ym0B2VipqyiXbK7vJV67rijBo1Llwf" );
 console.log("XIVELY LOADED");

   var feedID        = 832936337,          // Feed ID  
      datastreamID  = "Reading";       // Datastream ID  
      data = "null";  // Your element on the page
      dataUpdated= "null";  

     console.log("READ ");

    xively.datastream.get (feedID, datastreamID, function ( datastream ) {  

    data = datastream["current_value"];

    xively.datastream.subscribe( feedID, datastreamID, function ( event , datastream_updated ) {  

    dataUpdated = datastream_updated["current_value"] ;  

    if (dataUpdated == "tag3") { 

    tagger = tag3;

    else if (dataUpdated == "tag2") { 

    tagger = tag2;

    if (dataUpdated == "tag1") { 

    tagger = tag1;



        chrome.tabs.query({'active': true, 'windowId': chrome.windows.WINDOW_ID_CURRENT},
      if (tabs[0].url == "*www.twitter.com*") {


Manifest File:

  "manifest_version": 2,
  "name": "SiteBlockerFyp",
  "description": "Block Respective Sites",
  "version": "1",

"permissions": [



      "scripts": ["jquery.min.js", "xivelyjs.min.js", "background.js"]


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Cleaning up your code would make it a lot easier for anyone who may be able to help you. –  source.rar Jun 3 '14 at 7:06
Cleaning up my code how? I can't do anything with a generic comment like "clean up your code" How? –  Dan W Jun 3 '14 at 15:34

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