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I have a data set consisting of gps coordinates for points over a particular city (let's take San Francisco for example). I want to cluster the coordinates into groups such as in the image: http://i.stack.imgur.com/RRGuZ.png

Should I use k-means or DBSCAN or some other clustering algorithm? Should I find the clusters first and then find the border points to draw the boundaries?

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The example partitioning you showed looks more like a forced quantization to me than a clustering based on structure in the data set.

Which algorithm to choose depends on

  • your data (NOT your data type, but the actual distribution of values you have)
  • your needs (WHAT you want to get, as algorithms are built based on different desires)

But we don't have your data, and we don't really know your desires. Except that the sketch you did looks much more like a k-means quantization than a density based clustering. Except that k-means minimizes variance, and can't handle latitude, longitude well. You can project your data to the appropriate UTM zone though; then k-means should work.

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